Zdeněk Kasner

PhD Student


Machine Learning for Greenhorns

23/24 Winter
I am a TA for Machine Learning for Greenhorns (NPFL129), a course which is officially called "Introduction to Machine Learning with Python." and covers the basics of machine learning for bachelor students. I am teaching the English lab and helping the students with homework assignments.

Statistical Dialogue Systems

22/23 Winter
I was a TA for Statistical Dialogue Systems (NPFL099), helping with grading homework assignments and teaching the lecture on natural language generation for dialogue systems.

Introduction to Linux

21/22 Summer
I was teaching a lab for Introduction to Linux (NSWI177) in Czech (finally in person!). We used the inverted lecture system – instead of lectures, the students had a "before-class reading" which we built upon during the lab.

Introduction to Algorithms + Programming 1

20/21 Winter
I was teaching a lab for Introduction to Algorithms (NPRG062) and Programming 1 (NPRG030) in Czech via Zoom. Didn't expect my first class to be virtual, but finding ways to make it work was a nice challenge! The materials for the course can be found here.