Zdeněk Kasner

PhD Student

About me

I learned a lot at my alma mater Czech Technical University , before I moved on to Charles University (both in Prague) where I currently work on NLP research.

For every thing I learned at the university, I learned two at the Board of European Student of Technology. This student organization has been a part of my life for almost five years and the life lessons I got from here are priceless.

I love travelling: I have visited over 30 countries so far. Out of these, I have lived in Belgium, Japan, Scotland, and Canada for several months. And although Prague will always be my favourite city, I will definitely say “yes” to spending some time abroad again!

I am currently involved in X-Challenge, a community organizing various activities related to low-cost travelling, hiking, education, self-improvement, music jamming, and much more. It is the place where I can meet diverse people and enjoy life to its fullest 🤗 I am also always up for any volunteering opportunities – organizing local festivals and events, helping as a buddy, going to workcamps, etc.

Languages are not just my work, but also my hobby. I definitely want to practice French and Dutch in the future again. I also learned a bit of Japanese, but that was just a fun episode.

I am learning to play guitar for some time now and I already expanded my songbook by quite a bit!

In general, I would describe myself as an introvert who likes socializing, meeting new people, and finding myself in new and uncomfortable situations 🙃 And I think it is important not to take life too seriously.

Besides all of this, I also enjoy some other things which – for some reason – are even less mainstream:

  • My only operating system is Linux Mint and I didn’t need to use Windows for… well, almost an eternity now.
  • I prefer writing long texts to posting pictures with hashtags, so I mostly tend to avoid being active on social media. I would still love to start blogging if only I had extra time!
  • My favourite music genres are progressive / folk / symphonic metal which are beautifully complex and powerful forms of music.
  • The more punk my travels are, the better. Hitchhiking, camping outside, train festivals, couchsurfing
  • I enjoy compact phones, especially with my custom Multiling-o keyboard, and I hope that smaller phones will come into fashion again.
  • I am a big fan of shared bikes and I do not miss having a car at all.
  • To make the list complete: I have no opinion whatsoever on a pizza with pineapple. 🍕