Zdeněk Kasner

PhD Student




I am a second-year PhD student at the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, Charles University, Prague. But here it might be more appropriate to say that I am just a guy who likes to test new ideas. Or that I am a graphomaniac with a withdrawal syndrome.

Let’s just say it is hard to describe a person in a single sentence.

Sorry, you will have to read on 😁


Note: This is my personal website. I also have and official academic website and LinkedIn profile . If you are interested in my research, have a look at the Research tab, where I explain it in simple terms.

On this website, I want to:

  • Share the ideas which I find interesting.
  • Explain the concepts that I am familiar with.
  • Talk about the thoughts floating in my head.

(Regarding the last point – any clue why using a public website for that sounded like a good idea?).


I learned many things at my alma mater Czech Technical University , before I moved on to Charles University (both in Prague) to pursue a PhD in Computational Lingustics.

For every thing I learned at the university, I learned two at Board of European Student of Technology This student organization has been a part of my life for almost five years, and the life lessons I got from here are priceless.

I am still looking for new volunteering opportunities – organizing local festivals and events, helping as a buddy, going to workcamps, etc.

I love traveling as much as anybody else, but I mostly like to visit tucked away places, meet local people and push my boundaries .

Languages are not just my work, but my hobby. I want to practice French or Dutch in the future again. And yes, I also learned Japanese, and no, I cannot speak it (well, nor can I speak the former two).

Recently I started to learn to play guitar and I can’t wait for summer campfires…

Regarding my personality, I would describe myself as an introvert who likes socializing, meeting new people, and finding myself in new and uncomfortable situations 🙃

Besides all of this, I also enjoy some other things which – for some reason – are even less mainstream:

  • My only operating system is Linux Mint 20.1 , and I didn’t need to use Windows for… well, almost an eternity now.
  • I like writing long texts instead of posting pictures with hashtags or tweeting, so I mostly avoid being active on social networks.
  • My most favourite music genres are folk / progressive / symphonic metal and I still have to find out why people don’t listen to them much more.
  • The more punk my travels are, the better. Hitchhiking, camping outside, Couchsurfing (trains at Balkan or Ukraine also fit).
  • I use shared bikes a lot, and I do not miss having a car at all. Also, I like the 14 T trams the most (which is definitely not a mainstream opinion in Prague).
  • To make the list complete: I have no opinion whatsoever on a pizza with pineapple. 🍕

And I usually avoid people taking pictures of me. Here’s why: